Test drive Android apps on Amazon Appstore

I am an iPhone user, but I have a bunch of Android devices laying around here that I use for games and surfing the web on occasion. I can appreciate a good Android app as much as the next geek. The problem is that generally I have to download and hope the game is worth the space on my Galaxy Tab and delete if not.

The new Amazon Appstore has a method for letting you know if the game is worth it before you download or buy. Amazon has about 20 apps up on its site in a new Test Drive program. You can hit the site, click the game or app you want to try out, and then use it for about 30 minutes.

The apps play in a pop up window on a virtual Android device. The mechanics of the games are different since you are using a mouse rather than the touch interface, but you can definitely see if the game is worth the download before you hit the go button.

[via Android Community]