Tesla’s latest ad highlights Summon and Autopilot

Shane McGlaun - Jan 26, 2016, 4:56am CST
Tesla’s latest ad highlights Summon and Autopilot

Tesla is working hard to bring some very cool and innovative features to the Model S electric car by way of software updates. Earlier this month Tesla unveiled Summon, a virtual valet that will bring your car to you with no need for a driver. Summon allows the car to park itself and then return to pick you up using a button on the key fob.

Summon is part of the 7.1 software update. Tesla has now published a slick new ad that highlights the Summon feature and the Autopilot feature that will keep the car in your lane, follow the flow of traffic, and change lanes when you activate the turn signal.

Together both of these features are part of a system that Tesla says will “revolutionize your commute.” The Summon feature isn’t meant so much for getting your car from a parking spot at the mall to you while you stand on the curb as far as we can tell. Tesla is positioning it to drop you off at your front door and then park itself in the garage.

With HomeLink support, Summon can even open and close your garage door. The only thing you would need to do after the car parks itself is plug it into the charger. Presumably, you would need to go into the garage to unplug the car as well.

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