Tesla videos show the inside of its Shanghai manufacturing facility

A couple of videos turned up online recently originally posted on Weibo in China. As happens with most interesting videos that turn up online, they were quickly scraped and posted to YouTube for us all to see. The videos appear to be professionally made Tesla content that show an inside look at the Giga Shanghai factory where battery packs and electric motors are built.

The first video starts with a look at the outside of the massive factory, complete with parking lots full of cars. Next, we get a good look at the automation inside the facilities with robotic parts haulers. However, people are working inside the factory, and we see workers who appear to be working on sheet metal components for the cars.

Other segments of the video show robotic parts stamping machines that appear to be hammering out door skins. The factory is highly automated, with more robots than people from what we see in the video. There's certainly the possibility that human workers were cleared out of the factory to some extent before filming began.

Watching robotic machines construct the electric motors is particularly interesting, as is the painting process using robots. Another interesting aspect of the video shows robotic welding machines putting spot welds on sheet metal and human workers helping merge the body with the frame and other components.

We also get to see a short test track that constructed vehicles drive through before shipping. The other video shows a few more details about the Tesla Model Y. Both the videos can be seen above and are worth a watch. The massive factory in China is capable of producing around 5000 cars a week and 250,000 per year.