Tesla update will allow drivers to view the camera feed remotely

Tesla is always working on new features for its series of automobiles out in the field. The new features can be added to the cars thanks to Tesla's over-the-air update feature. Tesla is planning a significant software update expected to push the software to version 11 around the holidays.

CEO Elon Musk has been teasing an update he calls the "fire" update with some surprise features. While there has been no reveal of what exactly those features will be at this point, some tidbits and rumors have surfaced. Tesla vehicles have featured a Tesla Sentry Mode for a while that is an integrated surveillance system inside the vehicle.

Sentry Mode leverages the Autopilot cameras around the car, and footage from these cameras have been used to capture vandals on multiple occasions. Tesla has been talking about better integrating Sentry Mode into the mobile app. Tesla vehicles also have integrated TeslaCam dash cameras.

Typically, to view the footage recorded by Sentry Mode or TeslaCam required the owners to an external storage device and then view the footage on a computer. A hacker known as "green" discovered inside an older software update that Tesla appears to be working on a remote livestream feature. The feature would apparently allow owners to view live footage using the Tesla app.

The ability to view the footage remotely would be an excellent addition to the Tesla app that already allows them to view vehicle status, lock and unlock doors, open and shut windows, and more. There is no confirmation that the feature will make it into the coming update, but it appears that the feature has been in the works for a while and was delayed in the past.