Tesla unveils lower-priced Enhanced Autopilot option for existing owners

One of the coolest features of Tesla cars is the Autopilot function that allows the vehicle to handle many driving functions as long as the driver is attentive. Tesla has recently reintroduced the Enhanced Autopilot option, which is a cheaper alternative to the Full Self-Driving package for existing owners. Tesla driver assistance options have been changed several times over the years.The automaker made the Autosteer and Traffic-Aware Cruise Control standard on its vehicles and wrapped the remaining features into the Full Self-Driving package. That package cost $5000 previously and has seen its price increase to $8000 after a pricing change this summer.

The Enhanced Autopilot option is now available again and costs $4000. That is half the price of the Full Self-Driving Capability package. Enhanced Autopilot includes Navigate on Autopilot, Auto Lane Change, Autopark, and Summon. The Full Self-Driving Capability package features the same four items along with Traffic Light and Stop Sign control. Tesla will also soon add Autosteer on city streets to the package.

Enhanced Autopilot is the same package offered by Tesla in the past and includes all the features not requiring the latest onboard self-driving computer. Both of these packages can be added to Tesla vehicles already in the field. Existing owners who pay the $8000 price for Full Self-Driving Capability receive a computer upgrade.

The $4000 Enhanced Autopilot package doesn't require a new computer. Existing owners who opt for the $8000 package that includes a new computer will have to have a technician come out for installation. The installation reportedly takes between one and five hours if all goes well. Tesla owners who feel a little bitter that their vehicle lacks features found on some of the newer versions now have a cheaper option to get those features installed after the fact.