Tesla 'touchless deliveries' keep cars coming even as coronavirus closes factory

Tesla has announced that starting at the end of the day on March 23, it will temporarily suspend operations at its Fremont factory. This will enable the company to conduct 'an orderly shutdown,' according to Tesla, which says that it has been and will continue to follow safety guidelines and legal directives in regards to its facilities and operations.

Tesla said in its statement on Thursday that it has been in contact with local, state, and federal officials over the last few days. The automaker explains that despite 'taking all known health precautions,' it has become difficult for some of its locations to maintain operations due to the effect it has on workers and suppliers.

Among other things, Tesla has revealed that it will introduce 'touchless deliveries' in many locations — this means that customers will still receive their new vehicles, but without more direct contact with another person, reducing potential exposure to the coronavirus.

The touchless deliveries will require customers to use the Tesla App to unlock their new car in the delivery parking lot. They'll find any paperwork that still needs to be signed in the car, where they can fill it out and then leave it at a drop-off spot located on-site.

According to Tesla, these touchless deliveries will be available in 'many locations' and they are intended to provide customers with 'additional convenience and comfort.' The news follows a bit of controversy involving the company and its tussle with local health officials over whether it was exempt from a shelter-in-place order in Fremont.