Tesla to roll out SuperCharging stations that are 50% faster this summer

At the D11 event yesterday, Tesla Motors' Elon Musk let an announcement out of the bag a tad earlier than planned: Tesla will be tripling its SuperCharger network of charging stations this year. As promised, Tesla made the official announcement today, adding a few more details into the mix that we didn't learn last night, one being that Tesla will roll out a beta version of a new technology that speeds up charging time by 50-percent.

Tesla says that it has been improving the current technology used in the SuperCharger network, with the goal being a new type of technology that allows its customers to recharge their cars in half the time it currently takes. Such numbers are based on early trials of the new charging system, with Tesla saying that it is presently still in beta mode.

The updated technology will be "fully rolled out" some time this summer, although we don't have a specific date – likely it will happen in increments. When using this newer technology, Model S owners will see their vehicles charged to 120kW, which represents three hours' worth of driving time, in a tad over 20 minutes. This is yet another change that helps assuage concerns that have kept some from investing in the all-electric vehicle, with the technology no doubt heading towards even faster charging times in the future.

Also revealed in the announcement was the specific locations that can expect new SuperCharging stations, which is comprised of locations in California, Austin, Dallas, Illinois, Colorado, Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver. Tesla says there will be "four additional eastern seaboard stations" as well, though it doesn't elaborate. Such are meant to serve as more convenient places to stop and recharge than what is currently available.

This particular change – the tripling of the stations available and the locations specified above – will be completed by the end of June. Tesla has revealed a 6-month and 12-month outlook as well, however, with the former including a connection of nearly all the major metro areas of the United States and Canada. In 12 months' time, Tesla says the SuperCharger network will be available to nearly all of Canada and the US.