Tesla to open 25 new stores in 2013

Tesla Motors is making waves, and the company is looking to have a big year during 2013. They already have over 20 stores in North America, with more than 30 located overseas. 13 of them were opened up in 2012 alone, but the company plans to open up even more this year. Tesla confirmed at the North American International Auto Show this week that they plan on opening 25 stores in 2013.

Vice president of sales for Tesla, George Blankenship, confirmed plans for 25 new retail locations opening throughout 2013, with half of them opening up outside the US. One of those stores will include the company's first location in China, which is due to open sometime in the spring, so just a few months from now.

The company also stated that they're still committed to blanketing the US with Supercharger charging stations for Tesla vehicles. Only eight of them are fully operational now, and most of them are on the west coast, but Tesla plans to also cover the east cost in the coming years. They also plan to eventually open up charging stations in the middle of the US, as well, which will allow Tesla owners to drive across the US without using a drop of gas or spending any money, since using the chargers will be free for Tesla vehicle owners.

Tesla announced back in November that they expect its Supercharger network to cover the entire United States by the end of 2013. We're not sure exactly how many charging stations they plan to have opened in order to consider it the "entire United States", but we're guessing it means you'll be able to drive anywhere without running out of juice.

[via Engadget]