Tesla software update adds Sentry Mode Live Camera Access

One of the more interesting features that Tesla cars have is Sentry Mode, which is an integrated surveillance system. Sentry Mode utilizes the Autopilot cameras arrayed around the electric car as a sort of dashcam on steroids. A new software update has added an interesting feature to the vehicle's capability.

Tesla's new feature is Sentry Mode Live Camera Access, but it has a catch. Remote Sentry Mode live view allows videos recorded by the car to be viewed directly from the app, but the feature requires a $10 per month subscription. Tesla has been talking about this feature for a while, and the first indication that it was coming was earlier this month when the mobile app was updated.

While Tesla updated the app to support the new feature earlier this month, the required software for vehicles has just now begun pushing out. Sentry Mode Live Camera Access is part of vehicle software update 2021.36.8. Release notes for the software update say users can remotely view the car's surroundings when it's parked, allowing owners to verify the environment's safety around the vehicle before heading to the car.

For those concerned about their privacy, Tesla says that Live Camera is end-to-end encrypted and can't be accessed by Tesla. Those who don't want the mode enabled can disable it within controls – safety & security. Currently, only iOS devices running the newest version of the Tesla app can access the feature. Availability for Android users is unannounced.

The $10 per month Premium Connectivity subscription was introduced in 2018. Other features that are part of the service for the $10 monthly fee include satellite view maps with live traffic visualization, in-car music streaming, and an Internet browser. Those who already have a subscription will get the feature at no additional cost.