Tesla reports $81.5m net loss in Q4 and full year financial results

Tesla Motors released its financial results today for the quarter and the full year ending December 31, 2011. Revenues for the quarter were $39.38 million, up from the $36.29 million during the same period last year, while full year revenues reached $204.24 million, up from $116.74 million from the year before.

Net loss for Q4 and the full year were greater than in the previous year with a steep $81.49 million loss in Q4 and a $254.41 million loss for the year. The company sold about 2,150 Roadsters and expects to sell its remaining 330 Roadsters in Europe and Asia by the end of this year.

However, things look to be turning around for the company this year, as its guidance predicts the delivery of 5,000 Model S sedans, which will bring in an estimated $550 to $600 million in revenue in 2012.

Additionally, Tesla has struck a deal with Mercedes-Benz to develop a vehicle that will use Tesla's full powertrain, of which more details will be released in the second quarter. It's latest Model X SUV-style vehicle has also garnered a lot of interest, with the vehicle already receiving pre-orders with reservations now exceeding $40 million.