Tesla quietly discontinues 10-kilowatt-hour home battery

If you've been holding out on buying Tesla's 10-kilowatt-hour residential battery, you may have waited too long. Recently, the company quietly pulled all references to the home battery solution from their website. After being pressed, a representative from the company announced that they have, in fact, discontinued the item.

Don't worry though, the 7-kilowatt-hour Daily Powerwall is still up for sale. The company has said that due to the interest that they have tracked, they are deciding to put their focus solely on the smaller device, rather than splitting their time and efforts on providing both to consumers.

One of the most likely reasons that consumer interest isn't what they expected is due to the low cycle count of the battery. The 10-kilowatt-hour battery solution is only rated for 500 cycles. After that, the $3,500 investment will start to creep closer and closer toward being a very expensive brick.

The 7-kilowatt-hour battery (which technically only serves up 6.4-kilowatt-hours, despite the name) is rated for a total of 5,000 cycles. With a lower price of $3,000, it's not hard to see why someone investing the money in a home battery solution would choose one over the other.

It's also possible that Tesla is working on simply replacing the 10-kilowatt-hour battery with something that can last far more than the measly 500 cycles of the discontinued model.