Tesla offers details on Q4 2020 vehicle production and delivery

Tesla is pushing hard to increase its sales and production capability. The automaker currently has some of the most popular electric vehicles on the market, and they also tend to be some of the most expensive. Recently, the automaker gave some details on vehicle production and delivery for Q4 2020.Tesla noted in the announcement that during 2020 it produced and delivered half a million vehicles, which is a number in line with its most recent guidance. Tesla also notes that Model Y production in Shanghai, China, has begun, and deliveries are expected to start soon.

Tesla broke down delivery numbers by model, noting that in Q4 2020, it produced 16,097 Model S and Model X EVs while delivering 18,920. During Q4, Tesla produced 163,660 Model 3 and Model Y vehicles while delivering 161,650. Total vehicles produced during Q4 add up to 179,757 with 180,570 vehicles delivered.

Looking at the numbers for the entire year, 54,805 Model S and Model X vehicles were produced with 57,039 delivered. Model 3 and Model Y production combined at 454,932 with 442,511 delivered. The numbers clearly show that the less-expensive Model 3 and Model Y are far and away more popular than the more expensive premium electric vehicles Tesla offers. The numbers also show that Tesla produced more vehicles than it delivered during 2020.

However, the two numbers were close, and considering the disaster that was 2020 for the automotive industry and the world in general, Tesla posted impressive numbers. Tesla has promised an even less expensive electric vehicle that should increase demand and bring new buyers to the brand in the coming years.