Tesla Model S hits eBay before it's built

One of the most interesting electric vehicles on the market is the Tesla Model S. The thing that's so interesting about this EV is that it seats multiple adults comfortably and has an impressively long driving range. A 2012 Model S Signature edition has hit eBay even before it's actually built.

A seller has put the 2012 Tesla Model S up on eBay with a buy it now price of $145,000. That's roughly $47,000 more than sticker price. Clearly, someone is looking to turn a tidy profit. Only 1000 of the Signature models will be constructed, and this one is Signature Red with white leather interior.

The car has the 85 kWh battery pack with an EPA rated 265-mile driving range. It's also equipped with integrated tech package that features Dolby 7.1 premium sound and other goodies. The car in the auction is on auction for a couple more days ending on September 20.

The car is scheduled to be delivered on October 14. Well to do shoppers looking for a high-end Tesla Model S to add to their garage may not bat an eye at clicking buy it now and paying $47,000 more than the sticker price rather than wait to buy one later. I wonder if the fire issue that plagued Tesla and initiated a voluntary recall will affect this auction.

[via Venture Beat]