Tesla Model 3 in the US to get USB-C, wireless charging

It definitely took a while but wireless charging has become more or less common even if it still isn't a standard. While already a standard right from the start, USB-C, on the other hand, is only recently becoming more ubiquitous as well. But while computers and smartphones are quicker to adopt them, some places where you will find these new technologies aren't. Inside cars, for example, the full-sized USB port still holds dominance but not anymore in Tesla Model 3 cars headed for the US.

Tesla is no stranger to these more modern mobile standards but it wasn't until last year's Model Y that Elon Musk's first company started to use them inside. The SUV sported not just USB-C ports but even came with a wireless charger for phones. Tesla eventually did put USB-C ports in Model 3 sedans but only those it sold in China.

A new report now claims that Tesla has finally flipped the switch to make both conveniences available even on US models of the electric car. Not only will new Model 3's be outfitted with USB-C ports, they will also come with a wireless charging pad as a standard. The car will reportedly still have one USB-A port on the passenger's side.

This could be a small but welcome change to drivers still planning to get a new Tesla Model 3 in the near future. You can currently buy Tesla's official wireless charger at your own expense but turning USB-A ports to USB-C won't be as straightforward.

This small change is but one of the very few that Tesla has made to the Model 3 since it launched. The report says that cars manufactured after June 4 this year will start sporting these goodies but that has yet to be confirmed once the first batches roll out of production.