Tesla Issues Serious Recall On Model 3 And Model Y EVs

Recalls by automakers are nothing new and certainly not limited to traditional combustion vehicles alone. One of the biggest recalls in recent memory was GM when it recalled the Chevrolet Bolt EV because batteries were short-circuiting and catching fire. Chevrolet will begin limited production of the Bolt EV again at the beginning of November.

Tesla has now issued another recall on electric vehicles, recalling thousands of its Model Y and Model 3 vehicles. However, in Tesla's case, the recall doesn't have anything to do with batteries catching fire. Rather the vehicles are recalled due to a suspension issue. The recall covers 2,791 2020 through 2021 Model Y and 2019 through 2021 Model 3 vehicles.

In Tesla's NHTSA filing, the reason for the recall cited is a front suspension lateral link with fasteners that can loosen. If the fasteners come loose, the lateral link could separate from the vehicle's subframe, leading to an accident. Since the issue is with loose fasteners, Tesla has already devised a solution to the problem.

Owners of impacted models will take the vehicle to a service center where the fasteners will be tightened, or the fasteners will be replaced as necessary at no cost. Tesla will begin mailing letters to owners of impacted vehicles on Christmas Eve. Those not wanting to wait until they receive a letter can call Tesla customer service at 1-877-798-3752.

The recall number with the NHTSA is SB-21-31-003. Since the letters won't go out for nearly two months, Tesla is emailing impacted owners. Interestingly, another recall that has to do with an airbag issue that only affects a very limited number of 2020-2021 Model 3 vehicles that were sold has been issued.

We've updated the headline to put the recall news in better context. We stand by the suggestion that any suspension fault in a vehicle is a "massive" issue, but recognize it could also be interpreted as a reflection of total vehicles involved. As always, we appreciate reader feedback.