Tesla giving new owner free Supercharging credits yearly

An electric vehicle is really only as good as the charging network that supports it. After all, what use is all that energy efficiency and environment friendliness if you run out of charge in the middle of your trip with no charger in sight. That is why Tesla is investing heavily in its Supercharging system, not just in infrastructure and efficiency but also in its accessibility for Tesla EV owners. The latter apparently means giving brand new owners some free kWh every year on the birthday of their car's delivery some free Supercharging credits.

Here's how it will go down. All new owners of Model S and Model X electric vehicles purchased after 15th January will get 400 kWh of free Supercharging credits. That will renew annually on the date of the car's delivery. Why 400 kWh? According to Tesla's research, that's how much users consume annually for their long-distance drives.

Of course, they will consume a lot more than 400 kWh a year. When the free charge runs out, owners will naturally have to pay for charging. Tesla promises that prices are as fair as they can get it, no matter what part of the world or the US you are. In the US, it charges a flat rate that is the same within each state though it differs from state to state.

In other countries, it tries to make the price uniform within each country. In most cases, owners pay per kWh charged, though some local regulations mandate that Tesla charge by the minute instead.