Tesla cranks up starting prices for its popular EVs again

Bad news for anyone who's been saving up to buy themselves a brand-new Tesla electric vehicle has surfaced. Tesla's website was updated late Friday night to reflect significant price increases for multiple vehicles. The price increases range from an additional $2000 on the MSRP for the Model Y Long Range and the Model 3 Standard Range+ to $5000 on higher-end models.

For anyone wanting to buy a Model S or Model X in the long-range configurations, those vehicles now cost you $5000 more than they did on Thursday. With the price increase, the Model Y Long Range version has now increased to a starting price of $56,990. The Model 3 Standard Range+ has seen its starting price increase to $43,990.

The price increases on that particular model are particularly hard to stomach as only months ago it was under $40,000. As prices are increasing, delivery time frames are also increasing significantly. The Model Y Long Range currently has a projected delivery date of May 2022. The Model 3 Standard Range+ has a projected delivery date of June 2022.

While those lower-priced models have seen their pricing increase, the Long Range versions of the higher-end Tesla models saw even larger increases in price. The Model S Long Range now starts at $94,990; it currently has deliveries starting in June.

Tesla's Model X Long Range is now over $100,000 starting at $104,990, with deliveries pushed out to September 2022. Despite the price increases, demand for Tesla vehicles is still strong. One thing that will bother electric vehicle fans who hope to own Tesla vehicles at some point is that they keep getting further and further away from the promised and anticipated $35,000 electric vehicle. Unfortunately, with the chip shortage, the price of used Tesla's are soaring and are frequently more expensive than buying brand-new.