Tesla 2021.24 software update brings Disney+ streaming and more

One of the best aspects of Tesla vehicles is that they are updatable over the air, and the automaker frequently releases software updates for its vehicles. Software updates bring new features, patch bugs, and sometimes bring new entertainment options. A user on Reddit has posted a screenshot from an unnamed Tesla vehicle claiming the show the 2021.24 software update release notes.

The main feature the release notes promise is an improvement for Theater Mode that adds an additional service. That streaming service is Disney+, and in the notes, it says owners can stream the service via the Tesla Theater app under the Entertainment icon in the Application launcher. Only having streaming options that work while the car is in park is how Tesla has always handled its streaming options.

While it might seem like streaming videos while driving would be good for passengers in the vehicle, there's no way to prevent the notoriously distracted Tesla drivers from focusing on the streaming content rather than the road. Other features seen in the release notes including Car Wash Mode, and while we see no description of what that feature does, we would assume it gets the car ready for an automated carwash by doing things like turning off the windshield wipers.

Software notes also callout improvements for the dashcam and the range display. The final two improvements listed in the software notes include the ability to remain connected to Wi-Fi and drive and support for additional languages. Unfortunately, there is no indication from the user who posted the screenshot to Reddit indicating that this is a beta software the user had access to or if this software is currently rolling out broadly to Tesla owners.