Terraria and Don't Starve tease boss-themed crossover

Two very popular indie games are teasing a new crossover. Terraria and Don't Starve seem to be teasing a new team-up that will see bosses from those games appear in the other. While we don't have specifics just yet, it sounds like those details will be coming around the bend soon, as the developers behind both games are suggesting the crossover will go live sometime next month.

Until then, however, we don't have much to go on. The official Terraria Twitter account tipped off the crossover first, sharing a GIF from Don't Starve that shows a giant eyeball appearing in the dark above Wilson. That's almost certainly a reference to the Eye of Cthulhu, one of the first bosses Terraria players encounter after starting a new world.

Terraria's tweet also contains a link to the official Terraria forums, where we see a brief developer post featuring that GIF that says, "Good Afternoon, Terrarians! Just wanted to share a quick update on stuff the team has been doing. As we mentioned before, we are doing some Steam Deck optimization-focused stuff, and that work is going quite well... beyond that, you know how we always say that we are done adding content to Terraria? Well, about that... oh, wait, sorry, wrong game! Carry on, nothing to see here..."

In reply to Terraria's original tweet, Don't Starve's developers had a teaser of their own. Their GIF shows Deerclops – one of the bosses from Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together – walking through the tundra biome in Terraria. So, at the very least, it seems that Terraria and Don't Starve are gearing up to do a boss exchange, but of course, there could be more to these crossovers than that.

Terraria has already seen several crossovers over the past decade, offering crossover content from games such as Edge of Space, Pixel Piracy, Worms 3, and Dungeon Defenders 2. Terraria has even hosted a crossover with real-life yoyo brand One Drop, as many of the company's yoyos appear in the game as weapons. We'll let you know when the specific details about this crossover are revealed, so stay tuned for more.