Ten One Design Blockhead fixes glaring MacBook power brick flaw

There will be some Mac fans out there offended by the mere mention that Apple has poorly designed its power brick for the MacBook line of notebooks. If you use a MacBook and you like to carry as little as possible you are probably using the power brick with the plug that puts the prongs sticking directly out of the block. The problem with that is that the brick is so large it makes it very difficult to plug into outlets that are behind anything.

This means you either have to pull your bed, desk, or nightstand away from the wall or bring the cord with you to fit into the outlet. Ten One Design has been making accessories for Mac users for a long time, and they have some cool stuff. One of the coolest products that the company offers is something new called the Blockhead.

It's the blue plug connector that slips onto the MacBook power brick. Rather than having the outlet prongs sticking out in a way that puts the longest part of the power brick sticking straight out of the outlet, the Blockhead turns the MacBook brick 90-degrees where the thinnest part sticks out of the outlet. That means you need only about an inch of space to plug into the outlet.

Suddenly you don't need to move furniture around or carry the cord to plug your MacBook in. The Blockhead sells for $20. Another potential issue that the Blockhead addresses is the tendency for the normal MacBook adapter to slip out of the outlet due to its own weight if the outlet is older and loose. The Blockhead can be pre-ordered now for $19.95 with shipping in late April.

SOURCE: Gizmodo