Temple Run 2: Frozen Shadows expansion now available

Temple Run 2 has received an expansion called Frozen Shadows. As its name suggests, this expansion brings with it winter, an appropriate theme for these long dark December days. This is the game's biggest expansion so far, according to Imangi Studios; it has the same general theme as Temple Run 2, which is to say you're going to be running and the Demon Monkeys are going to be chasing.

Frozen Shadows features Guy Dangerous, Scarlett Fox, and other runners who swap their temple shoes for winter running boots and take off in a new icy world. There's an ice luge challenge where players will steering through ice tunnels by tilting their device. New stunts come as well.

Gamers will find that Frozen Shadows has new costumes designed for the winter tundra, as well as new artifacts. On the darker side of things, there's also a new Demon Monkey to chase the runners. This is the first of what Imangi Studios says is a planned series of expansions.

The world expansions will arrive throughout 2016, according to co-founder Keith Shepherd. "Frozen Shadows gives Temple Run 2 fans an entirely new terrain to explore, and a new twist on the gameplay with the ice luge. It's basically a completely new Temple Run game in an update," he said.

The expansion is available from the respective app stores now.