Telstra turns on first ever HSPA+ network

Well this is exciting news. Telstra announced today that they have turned on the first ever, as in the first in the world, HSPA+ network. This network also goes by the name of HSPA Evolution and supposedly can offer up to three times faster speeds than standard HSPA networks.

Regular HSPA hits a ceiling at 7.2Mbps. However, the HSPA+ network on Telstra could be capable of 21Mbps. This Australian carrier should also experience vastly improved upload speeds. In fact, the speed boost places the network on a comparable level with landline connections!

The new HSPA+ network is currently only active in Brisbane, but expanded roll outs are expected during the remainder of this month and a full release is expected within the first few months of next year. Once up to full speed, the HPSA+ network should reach speeds of 42Mbps and uploads of 11Mbps.

[via Electronista]