Teleport 2.0 By Art Lebedev - In Russia The Phone Call Records You

On a more serious note, this thing does connect your landline/phone to your PC allowing your computer to record who called and when and even record the actual phone call. So you can get your Patriot Act on and do some wiretapping of your own.

I am pretty sure it's not illegal to record your own phone calls, but they aren't admissible in court unless you inform the other person that you'll be recording the call and they agree to that condition prior to the call taking place. However, if you are just a dunce or have poor memory and are just recording them to remind you what was said, this could be a useful gadget.

Plus, the simple ability to record who called and when without having to wait on your phone bill could be useful for both personal use as well as business use, especially if that whore keeps deleting numbers from the caller ID and voicemail, just kidding. You may never believe who the designer/manufacturer of this amazing gadget is, its Art Lebedev, the same people who are/were/supposed to be making the Optimus OLED keyboard. They want about $72 of your money in exchange for one of these too.

[via therawfeed]