Telegram update adds chat folders, archiving, and coronavirus emoji

Popular messaging service Telegram has been updated with new features that'll be particularly useful for users and groups that have experienced an uptick in messaging frequency. As of Monday, March 30, Telegram now supports Chat Folders, which is exactly what it sounds like — a new feature that enables users to better separate the different types of chats that take place in the app.

Users are able to automatically add certain types of chats to folders, such as unread chats, but there's also the option of manually sorting them. According to Telegram, the folders option becomes available to users when their chat list grows long enough that it can start becoming cluttered, though there's also an option for enabling the folders feature manually.

Beyond that, users also have the option of swiping a chat from right to left in order to automatically send it off to an Archived Chats folder. Telegram explains that an archived chat that receives a new notification will automatically be moved from the archive folder back into the list of active chats. If the user wants to avoid this, they can mute the chat to keep it permanently in the archive list.

In addition to the new folders feature, Telegram's big update also brings unlimited pins for pinning as many chats as you want. This makes it easier to get straight to the conversations you most often participate in.

The features continue from there. The update brings access to channel stats for channels that have more than 1,000 subscribers, voice recording animations for Android users, the addition of more animated emoji (ones related to being sick with coronavirus), and desktop support for syncing Chat Folders to a new folder sidebar.