Telegram messaging app gets its own built-in video editor

The messaging app Telegram has been updated with some new features, the most notable of which is the addition of its own built-in video editor. The new feature joins the integrated photo editor that was added to the app in past years, enabling users to edit their videos directly within the messaging app. As well, users can expect better GIFs and more going forward.

Telegram has offered a photo editor for a handful of years, but users still had to fire up a third-party app to edit their videos. That changes with the latest Telegram release. Users can now edit their videos directly within the media editor, including adjusting the brightness, contrast, and 'enhancement,' plus users can now add animated stickers to media.

With this new feature, animated stickers can be quickly popped onto media within the app, then shared directly with other Telegram users. According to the company, adding one of these stickers to your photo will transform it into a GIF, which has also received some attention with this update.

Users can now view emoji-based tabs and "Trending" GIFs within the Telegram's GIF panel, which now loads the animated images faster than before. Users who like a particular GIF can press and hold it to save it to their Recents tab, making it easier to access and send it in the future.

Finally, Telegram users will enjoy the easier ability to move chats into folders by pressing and holding them. For Android users, Telegram also adds new smooth animations for sending, editing, and deleting messaging and an improved video player.