TeleFingers Bringing Glove Use to Capacitive Touch Screens

One of the biggest downsides about capacitive touch screens is that they do not work without direct body contact. Usually, this is not a problem, however, once we get into colder weather and wearing gloves, we run into a problem with getting our devices to recognize inputs. Solving this problem, Telefingers have showcased The URBAN capacitive glove at this year's ShowStoppers.

They not only feature capacitive touch fingertips, but they also sport rubber gripping on the body of the glove. The gloves will support a wide array of devices such as phones, touch screen kiosks, and even RedBox machines. Providing a perfect option for the tech enthusiast in the winter, the Telefingers URBAN Gloves are available now.

Selling for $19.95 the gloves come in gray and are shipping now.