Teknines Nine Millimeter Earphones are perfect for Snoop Dogg

When I was a kid, I went hunting with my dad a few times before I realized that if you shot something you had to cut it open and clean it. It wasn't so fun after that. What I do recall is that one of the guys on his deer lease liked to pack a .45 because of all the snakes slithering around the place. When he would shoot the thing, he would poke an unspent bullet in each ear to muffle the sound a bit. These new Teknines Nine Millimeter Earphones from MUNITO remind me a lot of that strange dude.

These earphones look like a 9mm shell casing on the outside complete with a primer and stamps like a real bullet. The drivers inside the shell casing are 9mm units and the machined copper alloy housing is plated in 18k gold. The tips are made from silicone and the cable is reinforced with Kevlar fabric.

The cable uses a 3.5mm headphone jack making them work with just about any music device out here. The only downside is that the things are very expensive at $250 per set. A titanium version is said to be coming, perhaps they will be cheaper. That titanium version should land in August.