Tehran's transforming house has three rotating levels

There's always that one moment of the day when the sunlight streaming through your window washes out the TV or blinds you when you're on your favorite part of the couch. The traditional remedy is closing the curtains, but imagine a future where instead you rotate the floor of the house in which you're currently residing.

Such is possible in the Sharifi-ha House, a morphing domicile designed by Iranian architects at next office. The industrious folks at work designed a seven-floor Tehran home that features three units, each able to rotate outwards away from the structure to change the positioning of the windows.

When the sections are fully extended outwards, the freed up space where they nestle transforms into a temporary patio, giving additional space for those impromptu parties. When tucked into the structure, home owners can go into full hermit-mode (and also reap the benefits of keeping out unwanted light or drafts).

Because the home can morph in shape at whim, it can be altered regularly to transform the look of the home. Attention has been paid to structural details that allow the home owners to adjust home features to suit the current position of each cube, as well, such as railings that can be folded down.

VIA: Gizmodo