Tegra NOTE 7 and DirectStylus bring artistic ambitions to life

Drawing on a tablet is a novel idea, but lacks a lot of the nuance we get when putting a pen to paper. In many ways, the action of taking a stylus to screen is still foreign to us. NVIDIA is attempting to change all that with their DirectStylus, and from the looks of it, they're succeeding.

With DirectStylus on the Tegra NOTE 7, we get closer than ever to recreating the pen-and-paper experience. The DirectStylus lets you create a type of brush stroke based on pressure; press hard for a broad stroke, a bit lighter for a pen stroke.

More than any other stylus on the market, the DirectStylus can act like a paintbrush. Especially good with black-and-white drawings, the DirectStylus also works really well with other mediums like watercolor. Artists have been submitting their work to NVIDIA, showing off what's possible with the tablet and stylus combo.

The Tegra NOTE 7 come with Evernote pre-installed, but the DirectStylus will also work well with several apps available via the Play Store. ArtFlow, Photoshop Touch, SketchBook Pro, and Auryn Ink all work natively with DirectStylus, so if you're a budding artist or a pro that doesn't want to tote around a kit, check them out. The video below also highlights what's possible with the Tegra NOTE 7 and DirectStylus duo.

Source: NVIDIA