Teens react to Windows 95: "It looks so dull and ancient."

Prepare to feel old, again. There's another 'Teens react' video, and this time the kids are being introduced to Windows 95. The troubles and criticisms are quick to start: it takes a long time to boot up, for example, so long you could go get yourself a snack while waiting. Another issue is the lack of WiFi — how are you supposed to get online without WiFi!? — and the complete lack of personality.

'Teens react' videos introduce today's tech-savvy kids to technology from the not-so-distant past, often with humorous outcomes. The original Game Boy and other staples from bygone years have been the subject of past videos, as well as old gadgets like film cameras, but this weekend brought Windows 95 and a 'prehistoric' computer upon which to run it.

The situation starts simply enough — turning the computer on. They almost all go for the monitor first, not realizing the computer needed to be turned on. From there, they drummed their fingers and waited for it to boot up, commenting on the lengthy wait time. When the showstopper appeared, though, the Windows 95 desktop, they were largely shocked or dismayed by how angular, plain, and basic it looks.

At this point, they're introduced to AOL — the service with "the illuminati symbol," one kid says — and dial-up Internet. Mention of MS-DOS was the most mind-blowing tidbit of info from the session, though: using it was just plain 'cruel,' according to one teen.