Teenager Trades Hardware-Hacked iPhone For 3 More Plus 350Z

So, how does a teenager get a brand new Nissan 350Z, 3 Brand New 8GB iPhones, and a job offer as a consultant to a major cellular retailer? Hack and iPhone to unlock it.

Mr. Daidone, the co-founder CertiCell has traded a Mr. Hotz (screename?) the aforementioned list of items all for a hardware-unlocked 8GB iPhone. Apparently the 3 locked iPhones will be distributed among his financial backers and the gentleman who aided in the hack.

Obviously he will keep the car, and a damn fine choice he has made I must say so myself. So kids, stay in school, you never know when some hardware hack that you discover can get you a serious upgrade in this game of life.

US Teen Trades Hacked iPhone for Nissan 350Z [via Slashdot]