Teen Safe Driver - Spy on your teen while they're driving

Not all that long ago I was a teen driver. I honestly wasn't that bad behind the wheel, despite the number of accidents I was in. Most of them weren't my fault, mind you. Still, the thought of my parents being able to monitor my every move in my car just creeps me out to no end.

American Family Insurance is taking drastic measures in trying to lower the extremely high fatality rate among teens with their Teen Safe Driver program. Their program includes a "small" camera that mounts in your car and keeps an eye on your driver. It also lets you know if your teen has been speeding or chatting on their cell phone. I'd hope they would know better than to have any back seat fun with a camera on them.

I can only assume that this would help to lower your insurance if you put this in your teen's car. The really good news (for parents, bad news for teens) is that this is free in the following states: Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, or Idaho.

Spying on your Teenage Kids Ridiculously Easy with Teen Safe Driver [via uberreview]