Teen Creates Death Ray with Brightness of 5,000 Suns

19 year old Eric Jacqmain created a "death ray" using 5,800 tiny mirrors placed in a 5'9" dish mounted on a wagon chassis. When objects (including a wood plank, a metal disk, an aluminum can, and a piece of mud) were placed in the focal point, they were quickly obliterated. It's pretty doubtful that the ray could produce the HEAT of 5,000 suns (which would be 30 million °C), but maybe it could equal the brightness of 5,000 suns.

The cost of the death ray? Only about $90. We wonder if this could have useful properties, other than destroying things. Solar energy, maybe? The video is here.

Unfortunately, the solar death ray was destroyed by, you guessed it, fire. He is working on a new, more powerful version.

[via HotHardware]