Tech CEOs petition Senate over NSA

A letter requesting the National Security Agency's intelligence activities be reigned in was submitted to the Senate today ahead of a planned committee meeting on legislation. Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Apple all participated.

The request is the latest in a long line of requests and legal proceedings aimed at increasing tech companies' abilities to disclose more precise information to their users, and to reign in the amount of data the NSA pursues from them.

The CEO collective said in the letter that "it is time for action," and while none are set to appear during the committee meeting, they all have expressed the same sentiment. The recently passed House bill has been called flawed over the ability to bulk collect Internet data and emails.

Independent oversight and transparency are two of several things the tech companies are calling for, as well the right to publish detailed data numbers related to government requests. The companies are also looking to end the use of search warrants for getting data on foreigners when the data is stored offshore.

SOURCE: Bloomberg