Team From USC Develops New Holographic Technology

True 3D holographic displays are something that one would have thought we would have by now. After all, the idea has been around in sci-fi for years, and it seems like it would be fairly simple to do. However, the creation of such a device that is practical for use has proven to be quite difficult to make.

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A team from USC has constructed a device that can create 3D images which are viewable from all 360 degrees. They accomplish this by using a high-speed video projector, a spinning platform with a holographic diffuser and special decoding hardware.

In the end you get a device that displays 5,000 images per second that you can see from all sides. The new technology used was awarded SIGGRAPH's Best Emerging Technology award for 2007.

holographic display shows 360-degree digital images [via technabob]