Teague 20/20 Headphones Use Tensegrity to Shape to Your Head

Evan Selleck - Oct 22, 2010
Teague 20/20 Headphones Use Tensegrity to Shape to Your Head

Over the ear headphones tend to be the type of headphones that have the most outlandish features. Whether it’s a ridiculous amount of features and aesthetic customization to warrant a high price tag, or simply looking out of the ordinary compared to the rest of the headphones out there, they tend to be pretty noticeable on someone’s head. If you happen to see the Teague 20/20 headphones, you’ll probably find yourself staring for long periods, as they are some of the most interesting looking headphones we’ve ever seen.

For most over the ear headphones, you’ll have to do some adjusting to the mechanisms therein to make sure that it fits your head correctly. That’s not the case with the 20/20s, as these headphones use something called “tensegrity” to fit themselves to your head, automatically. Tensegrity is a term that was originally coined by a man named Richard “Bucky” Buckminster, and it’s a word that defines a structure that uses both rigid and flexible elements to balance compression forces and tension. The result, is that the Teague 20/20 headphones will automatically form to your head, to make for the most comfortable fit, as soon as you put them on your head. And they will change shape each time they find a home on a new skull.

According to the designer, Dana Krieger, these new headphones are meant to form a match between the tensegrity structure and the unique structural requirements of headphones adjustment mechanisms. Krieger believes that the organic flexibility and semi-rigidity of the headphones makes more sense in their design, then it does in some other elements. Unfortunately, you can’t buy the Teague 20/20 headphones quite yet, as the headphones are still in their concept stage. But, considering how unique they are, hopefully they find their way to the market soon enough.

[via Ubergizmo]

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