Tattoo-form QR code generating random links

QR codes are becoming increasingly popular in a variety of settings. In 2010, Calvin Klein introduced the QR code on Billboards in Downtown New York and L.A.Those with smartphones have been able to do a quick Google search to get the desired information on a product, for example, but there was that extra stop required to type our search into the browser and then trudge through websites to get what we were looking for. The use of these codes negate the middle steps and allow for quick, easy access of information. Well, that's not all these codes are good for.Bosch has taken QR codes to the next level, permanently. He decided to ink his forearm with a unique code. This tattoo is indeed random. So random that when it is scanned you may end up with a weather forecast, video of a dancing child or a tweet. Each time the QR code is scanned, something new will appear on the screen.

Bosch actually isn't the first person to have a "technologically advanced tattoo". A stunt done by Ballantine's "Leave an Impression" campaign tattooed one of these codes on a man's chest. However, the animations for Ballantine's tattoo will need to be updated when newer ones are desired. So it seems Bosch was able to one-up the first QR code tattoo. One thing that is certain, Bosch and his friends will always have a means of entertainment.

[via CNET]