Targus creates high-speed solution for new MacBooks lacking a FireWire port

Seasoned Mac users have found the lack of a FireWire port on the late MacBook models a bit odd as just about everyone of them have grown very use to it.  Targus has created a new product in hopes to take advantage of what they believe to be a new market created by this recent change.

If your main concern is the lack of speed going from the USB to the FireWire then you might want to check out the Targus File Share Cable for Mac. It appears that this cable's only claim to fame is the faster data transfers. However this will no save the day when it comes to connecting cameras, printers and scanners. The Targus USB 2.0 High-Speed File Transfer Cable for Mac has support for both USB 2 and USB 1.1.

This cable has built-in file transfer software called EasySuite that is used to transfer files cross-platform as well as to other like platforms. The EasySuite software is stored on 2MB on internal flash memory so there is no need to install a thing. The software shows up on your desktop just as an external drive would. This cable supports all versions of Mac OS X as well as Windows XP and Vista. The Targus File Transfer Cable has list price of $49.99.