Target to offer HTC Sensation 4G for $199.99

Of all the Android smartphones that have been announced over the last couple of months the one that has me most interested is the HTC Sensation 4G. This smartphone has a big screen, powerful processor and lots more to offer. It will certainly be one of the more popular smartphones out there. The big downside to the Sensation 4G smartphone is that the device will have a signed bootloader meaning users may not be able to load custom ROMs. Most smartphone makers are moving to unlocked bootloaders.

We already know just about all there is to know about the Sensation 4G this side of when the device will hit your favorite stores. Some promotional material for the HTC Sensation 4G has surfaced from Target. The material has a lot of fine print you really can't make out in the photos. What we can see clearly though is the Sensation 4G will sell for $199.99. We can assume that price is with a new 2-year contract, and it might even be with a mail-in rebate.

The material has a big sticker on the front listing a June 12 date on it. It's not clear what that date means at this point. Some are thinking that June 12 may be the day that the Sensation 4G lands at Target. However, that is a Sunday and Sunday is not generally, when new smartphones are launched. The Sunday date might be correct though, particularly if the launch day is meant to coincide with a big ad in the Sunday circular Target is known for poking in newspapers around the country.

[via Android Community via Android Central]