Target announces Nintendo DS trade in program

If you have a serious hankering for a new Nintendo 3DS and you have a DS unit around that still works you can trade that DS in to get credit towards the 3DS. Target has announced that it has expanded its trade in program at its Target Mobile center and will give shoppers credit in the form of gift cards to use in the store.

The program will give shoppers up to $50 for working DS consoles in good condition and that loot can be put towards the 3DS when it launches on March 27. Target also notes that the users can put the money towards other devices too like the iPhone 4 on Verizon hitting Target on March 25.

The Nintendo 3DS will be in 1200 stores around the country and the stores will have 3DS trial stations where people can try the console out before buying. Target will also have specialists on hand to answer questions that know about the 3DS.