TAPS touchscreen sticker lets any gloves work with any screen

Winter is here in much of the world and that means it's glove weather. The catch with gloves is that many of them won't work with your touchscreen device leaving you having to pull off a glove in the cold before you can answer a call or use your smartphone. TAPS touchscreen Sticker with Touch ID promises to allow you to use any glove with any touchscreen device.

TAPs is a sticker that has a unique fingerprint for touch ID that turns your normal gloves into touchscreen gloves that can still allow you to access your device via Touch ID. TAPS stickers are designed to stick and stay on most surfaces and they are made from military grade polyurethane and a special Nanotip solution.

The stickers are abrasion resistant and are very thin. They are backed with a special adhesive that leaves TAPS stickers flexible and able to stick to the finger of your gloves. They are designed to withstand the wear that gloves go through and still work. The TAPS sticker comes with its own fingerprint that will allow you to use any fingerprint scanner.

The company swears that every TAPS has its own fingerprint for security reasons. All you have to do is register your TAPS as a fingerprint inside your device and then you can use it to access your phone or tablet. TAPS is on Kickstarter seeking a bit under $6,000 and has raised over $2,600 with 28 days to go. A pledge of $8 or more will get you a TAPS kit that includes four stickers with shipping estimated for December 2016.

SOURCE: Kickstarter