Wii’s Wireless Capabilities Unveiled


Zune to Get Satellite Radio Features?

Now treat this as purely heresay for the time being, but according to a report filed on Think Secret, Microsoft’s upcoming (and still unconfirmed) Zune media player will be getting some attention from satellite radio networks in addition to the Urge music store bundle.


New Wii-Mote Details Revealed

If you’re a gamer, chances are that the Nintendo Wii, at the very least, intrigues you. If you’re a gamer like me, the very thought of the Virtual Console combined with the Wii’s unique control scheme has you counting the days before it finally hits shelves. For those of us who clamor for every piece of information that we can find, some new details have been released about the famous “Wii-mote” controller, answering questions about battery life and operation.


Microsoft Employee Comments on Xbox 360 HDMI

With all the speculation flying around about the Xbox 360 receiving an HDMI port in the near future to combat one of the Playstation 3’s greatest strengths, one Microsoft employee has decided to voice his opinion over what Microsoft should do if they decide to take this route. Likening the situation to the one Intel faced with their Pentium floating point bug, the poster states that he feels an upgrade service like the one Intel ran.


Intel Unveils Core 2 Duo Desktop CPUs

The long wait is finally over. Intel has taken the wraps off its new line of desktop Core 2 Duo CPUs, effectively retiring the Pentium line as their flagship processors (with good reason; the P4 marked one of the largest mistakes in the company’s history). As for the new Core 2 Duos, Intel is releasing 5 new processors today, ranging from the low-end Core 2 Duo E6300 @ 1.86 GHz (with 2 MB of L2 cache) to the expensive Core 2 Extreme X6800 running @ 2.93 GHz (with 4 MB L2 cache).


Toshiba’s RD-A1 HD DVD Recorder Faces Delays

Bad news for all you HD DVD buffs out there; Toshiba’s RD-A1 HD DVD has ben delayed due to some production difficulties, postponing the launch of the new recorder until the end of the month. While a delay of a couple of weeks might not seem like much, anyone who plunked down $3,462.00 to acquire one is probably a little miffed that they won’t be shipping on time. The delays could also be to combat firmware issues like the ones seen on the company’s HD-A1 HD DVD player, which has been slammed as being unusable at times.


Microsoft Trying to Sway iPod Accessory Makers

Microsoft, the evil empire that could, is apparently trying to persuade iPod accessory makers to join the Dark Side; in this case, Microsoft is trying to convince them to make accessories for the upcoming Microsoft Zune as well. Similar to the iPod like, the Zune will feature its own expansion port (guaranteed to be compatible with nothing that looks remotely like it), but the kicker is that the new port will apparently allow companies to manufacture accessories for less money; this alone could sway several iPod accessory makers away from Apple into the realm of Microsoft.


Black DS Lites Head to Japan

The black DS Lite, the awesomest-looking version of Nintendo’s gem of a handheld, is finally headed to Japan, where it will join the already-available colors of Polar White (what we got in the USA), Light Blue, Enamel Blue, and Pink. This means that the Japanese have an assortment of DS Lite colors to pick from, and we still only have Polor White. Phooey. Anyway, the black DS Lite will cost 16,800 yen ($145.00 USD) and will be available on September 2nd. So, if you’ve been waiting for a black DS Lite because Polar White isn’t leet (1337) enough for you, now you can import one from Japan starting in September. No word on a US launch for the black DS Lite.

[via Newlaunches]

New Details on the Microsoft Zune

Thanks to our compatriots over at the Gizmodo, we have some new details on Microsoft’s upcoming Zune media player, including what to expect and which details are really just fantasy. As you know by now (and if you don’t, come out from underneath that rock of yours), Microsoft’s Zune media player is looking to take the iPod head-on for music/video player supremacy. Unlike other competitors that are trying to go head-to-head with the same feature set as the iPod, Microsoft is taking their player in a completely different direction, trying to outmaneuver the iPod with features lacking from Apple’s players.


Gates: 80% Chance of Vista Shipping On-Time

Well, it doesn’t come much more “straight from the horse’s mouth” than this. According to outgoing Microsoft head honcho Bill Gates, the upcoming Windows Vista operating system, Microsoft’s first since 2001’s Windows XP, has an 80% chance of shipping on time, but that he has no qualms about delaying the ship date if he feels that it would be best for the product. Vista has already been delayed several times, losing large numbers of features in the process (WinFS, etc.).


EVO: Phase One Launch Announced

Anytime we hear of a video game machine not made by Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo, we tend to wince due to the history of failed upstarts in the past. Anytime we hear of a video game system not made by Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo that costs more than the high-end PS3 and features a blatantly-copied PS2-style controller, we slap our heads and wonder what these people were thinking. Enter the EVO gaming system, made by an upstart company called Envizions (yes, with a “z”). The EVO is a console that strives to be a PC, gaming computer, and media center in one box and will become available on October 20, 2006 via the company’s website.


BMW Creates Self-Parking Car

Well, for anyone who has ever considered buying themselves a BMW (and who hasn’t), now you have one more reason to justify your expenditure. BMW says that, within three years, they will have a fully-automated self-parking car, meaning that you should never (in theory) have to worry about hitting the garage wall or other household fixtures. As it stands right now, all the driver has to do is come up to the parking spot and exit the car. Once outside, they press a button on their remote and presto! – instant parking.


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