PSM Reports on the PSP 2

PlayStation Magazine has apparently come forth with some nifty insider information on Sony’s next iteration of its PlayStation Portable, appropriately named (at this stage, at least) the PSP 2. More accurately, this should be referred to as the PSP 2.0, because rather than being a full-fledged successor, Sony is going to opt to update the original PSP’s features, specifications, and design in order to make it more appealing. What will they be changing, according to PSM? More after the jump.


Treo 750 Juicy Feature List

John of CrunchGear just informed me that the new antenna-less Treo we’ve been covering is indeed going to be versioned Treo 750.  As to which “750” it’s still unclear whether this will be the same 750 as the “Lennon” that is coming to Cingular in October, or if it’s the rumored 750v, which is the European only version.  John also confirms that the “Lennon” (possibly named the 750w) will feature WiFi, but it’s still a mystery if this device will include UMTS and class 10 EDGE.  The “Nitro” is a PalmOS based 750 (possibly named the 750p) will sport similar stats, with higher resolution, but lacks WiFi – Boo!  It’s hard for me to believe that these two new Treo 750 will sport the same 1.3 megapixel as the current Treos, with only resolution of 240×240.

I’ll be sure to update any new info that should come along between now and the morning of Sept 12.  Again, I have the first slot to meet with Palm for a detail briefing at 10AM – and hour after the official announcement out of Europe.  So, make sure you check back for more detail images as well as video for your viewing pleasure!

Sony Prepares a Pink PSP, Too

It would seem the ever-elusive girl gamers are a very popular crowd over at Sony’s camp these days. After yesterday’s UK announcement regarding a pink PlayStation 2 (set to debut in November), they’ve followed up with a pink PlayStation Portable, meaning that now you have no excuse to buy your girlfriend her own video game system. Like the pink PS2, this is UK-only for now, but expect to see this come elsewhere should it prove popular enough.


UK Braces for Pink PS2

Alright Sony, enough with the insanity. As if all the issues surrounding their upcoming Playstation 3 console didn’t already have us scratching our heads, looking for their logic, now they’ve decided that releasing a Playstation 2, in pink, during the same time that the PS3 is debuting it a good idea. Please Sony, show us what you’ve been drinking so we know that this isn’t a random bout of dementia.


Phantom Game Console Joins DNF, Vanishes

Fianlly confirming what analysts have been predicting for a few years now, the company formerly known as Infinium Labs, Phantom Entertainment, has removed any and all references to their long-delayed Phantom Game Console from their site. The edits came with an announcement from Phantom that the Phantom Game Service will now be a normal Windows XP application and will deliver games over the Internet, a la Valve’s Steam service.


TravelPod from Travelodge – The Luxury Tent

Not that I hate the old way of camping, but TravelPod from Travelodge definitely made camping a little fancier. For £26 or roughly USD $50 per night you will have the luxury of a fully furnished tent that includes a double bed, bedside tables, lights, duvet, pillows, a dressing table, a mirror, and a chair. The tent also comes with a toilet, so there is no need to run into the wilderness.

The size of the tent is six meters long, 2.4 meters wide and 2.6 meters high, made of clear poly-carbonate glass. According to Travelodge officials, the TravelPod is still on trial stage.

Radeon X1950 to Feature New Cooling System

Apparently, people are sick and tired of the high-end ATI Radeon cards have small engines mounted as cooling systems, so ATI has set out to fix the problem. On the company’s upcoming Radeon X1950 graphics processing unit, ATI will redesign the entire cooling apparatus in order to make it quieter without losing efficiency. As it stands now, the new card is due out next month, complete with DDR4 RAM and a dual-slot design (evil evil evil). No details on either price or what the new cooling system could look like, but if you’re interested in one of the new cards, now is the time to start saving up; high-end Radeons are usually $500 or so. Time to choose between that and the PS3!

[via Gizmodo]

Intel to Launch Quad-Core Chips This Year

While this doesn’t come as any great surprise (especially after AMD’s post-Core 2 Duo “4×4” announcement), Intel has nonetheless announced the that a quad-core version of its Core 2 Duo desktop chips (dubbed Kentsfield), as well as a quad-core edition of the Xeon server CPUs (dubbed Clovertown), would be available as early as the end of this year. It seems somewhat weird to me to launch what is essentially a massively-upgraded Core 2 Duo (the new processors are two Conroe or Woodcrest dual-core processors on one chip) so soon after the line was just launched, but that’s technology for ya. Start saving now, all ye interested parties; I guarantee that this processor won’t be cheap.

[via MacNN]

Developers Avoiding the PS3?

When it comes to the next-generation gaming consoles, if there was one console that developers were going to ignore, you’d figure it was the Wii, right? Wrong. Developers are actually beginning to avoid Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 3 console, as the price tag for the system has a lot of developers wondering if there will be a large enough consumer base to warrant making games that possibly may never sell. Even in Japan, where the PSOne and PS2 are both huge, 90% of developers felt that the console’s price was too high and, as a result, are shifting gears away from Sony towards Nintendo’s Wii and Microsoft’s Xbox 360.


PS3 Delays at an End?

In what has to be the biggest wave of relief to hit Sony in a good, long while, Asustek Computer Inc. has finally begun shipping PlayStation 3 consoles to Sony Corp., meaning that the delay we’ve heard about may not happen after all. This coinsides with Asustek’s goal of shipping 200,000 of the next-generation consoles by the end of this month, and gradually increasing their output to 2,000,000 consoles per month by October.


DS Opera Browser Demoed

Just in case you’ve had the urge to do some web browsing on your Nintendo DS/DS Lite’s tiny, tiny screens, then you might be in luck (at least, if you have access to Japan). Dubbed the Nintendo DS Browser (how original), the browser will come on a DS or DS Lite memory expansion cartridge (which fits into Slot 2, the GBA port) and makes full use of the DS’s touch screen, as you can see in the above video.


Samsung Begins Mass-Production of 8GB NAND Memory

If current NAND Flash Memory sizes simply aren’t big enough for you, then you’re in luck. Samsung has announced that it has begun mass-production on 60nm NAND Flash memory chips, meaning that it won’t be long before we start seeing these high-capacity memory in cell phones, portable media devices, and and 2G iPod nanos. According to Samsung, 8GB is now possibly by basically taking two 4GB NAND packages and putting them on top of each other.


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