CEDIA 2007

CEDIA 2007 – Cuddle Bags look comfortable

I remember when I was younger, my favorite seat in the house was my trusty beanbag. If I could just lounge in that all day and play my Nintendo, I was set. Now I’m what some people might call a “responsible adult”and I no longer have a beanbag, as one might think it was tacky. However, if you long to have a beanbag that doesn’t look like one, you should check out these Cuddle Bags.


CEDIA 2007 – Video walkthrough of the Samsung booth

Vincent took some time to wander through Samsung’s booth to check out all of the goodies. Once again, he took his trusty camcorder with him. Hit the jump for the video.


CEDIA 2007 – Meridian Audio Limited Ferrari F80 isn’t a car

The Meridian F80 is as portable of a version of audio Mecca as you will likely see this year. Just this thing’s appearance is a work of art worthy of the Ferrari name created by Enzo Anselmo Ferrari.

Let’s start with what’s built into the device, first there is the CD/DVD player. That’s right, not only does it play music, but if you hook it up to a video display it will play DVDs. Then there are the radios, AM/FM, those are kind of standard, but there is also DAB radio.


CEDIA 2007 – Video of the Seura mirror TVs

Have you seen those cool mirrors that are actually TVs? Well Seura was showing them off at the show today, and naturally Vincent had to stop by and shoot some video, hit the jump to check it out.


CEDIA 2007 – Video Demo of Terra’s weatherproof AC Series Speakers

Vincent was so impressed by Terra’s AC Series Speakers that he couldn’t help but shoot some exclusive SlashGear footage of them in action.  Check out the all-enclosed, weatherproof range in the video after the cut!


CEDIA 2007 – Pioneer launch flagship Elite Amplifier

“Talk about an impressive ass!”  That was my first thought on seeing Pioneer’s new Elite SC-09TX flagship amp, which has a rear-panel positively bristling with connectivity.  Things round the front are no less exciting, however; there’s a huge LCD as the centrepiece, which is all the more necessary when you consider that not only will the Elite work as your surround sound amp (pumping 200W out of seven channels simultaneously) but access media on a connected iPod and any networked PC.



CEDIA 2007 – Video Demo of the Niveus Media Extender

Remember that cool Windows Media Extender I told you about just a little bit ago? Well Vincent didn’t just take a few pictures, he also got some video footage of it as well. Hit the jump to check it out.


CEDIA 2007 – Toshiba shrink REGZA LCD TV bezel to just .9-inch

If you’re going to hang an LCD TV on your wall, you want it to be all picture and no periphery. That’s why Toshiba have been busy beavers and gradually working on shrinking down the bezel on their HD REGZA range, down to the point that they’re the world’s thinnest. And we really are talking thin – the 46-inch model has a mere 0.9-inch surround – which means you can can fit their 40-inch model into the space a 37-inch competitor would demand.


CEDIA 2007 – Maxtor OneTouch 4 external storage syncs multiple computers

Perhaps I’m just not suffused with the CEDIA spirit, but Maxtor’s OneTouch 4 external hard-drive range just doesn’t look as “vault-like” as they’d have us believe it’s been designed to resemble.  Still, that’s pretty much the only criticism I can fling at the backup/sync range so far – from the spec list, at least, they seem to have cornered the market for secure storage with more options than you can shake a stick at.



CEDIA 2007 – Beam’s Serenity QS

TVs, Home Entertainment systems and the lot aren’t the only things being shown off at CEDIA this year. Beam was there showing off their latest vacuum cleaner.


CEDIA 2007 – Niveus Media Extender

There has been talk around the interweb that Microsoft is bringing back the Windows Media Extender. Currently there are only three companies that they are working with to bring you such devices. One such company is Niveus Media.


CEDIA 2007 – Sonance X8 Architectural Series Woofers for in-wall installations

These X8’s will be the first in-wall woofers from Sonance to perfectly align the plane of the wall and the plan of the speaker grille. All of the woofer from this line come in one of three basic geometric shapes, a circle, a square, or a rectangle.

These speakers work with any AS series finish component and don’t require trim, but will work with finish components that have trim. The finish components are of course sold separately. Also available separately is the Sonamp amplifier that would power these woofers. These woofers are made up of 8” CF cones.


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