AOL considers Yahoo! deal after potentially ditching dial-up

AOL considers Yahoo! deal after potentially ditching dial-up

AOL is apparently considering splitting up its dial-up internet arm and display advertizing business, in an attempt to reduce its reliance moving forward on the legacy connection income. According to Reuters, AOL is hoping to spin off the dial-up business and seek a merger with Yahoo!, though their sources say that an approach to the search engine is yet to have been made.

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VTech IS6110 cordless home phone offers up Instant Messaging services

In a move to further the transition from standard home phones to that of phones with similar features as our cell phones VTech has created a new cordless home phone that is capable of signing onto and messaging people using the following services: MSN Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, and AOL Instant Messenger. All you have to do with this phone to get these amazing extra features is connect the base station to your computer. I mean, it has a full QWERTY keypad and can also work with VoIP services, how much more amazing can a home phone get without adding a cellular chipset to it?


Yahoo rejects Microsoft purchase offer, holding out for AOL to save the day

In a dumb series of events, MS offered Yahoo a large some of money to take over their company, Yahoo refused, and then we got a surprise. There are now talks of Yahoo merging with AOL, which is partly owned by Google.


Haier ibiza PMP – trying to pull a Zune

So it offers up support for AOL video and the Rhapsody music store. It also has a form factor and interface quite similar to that of the iPod.

But it offers up a unique feature, wireless downloads from the Rhapsody-to-go music service and from AOL’s video service via WiFi. It also has an FM transmitter just like the Zune.


T-Mobile Sidekick Slide hitting retail outlets TODAY!

If you have been interested in the new Sidekick that was made by Motorola, the purple and black one, then you can pick one up today for $199.99 at your choice of T-Mobile outlets. Of course that price is with a two-year contract.

On to better news, they have decided to give both the Slide and the new LX a “Consumer E-Mail Upgrade” basically it makes it easier to set up and use your public email accounts from companies such as Yahoo! and AOL. Specifically for those two companies, they also support their PUSH email systems.


Zipit Wireless Messenger Z2

Don’t want a cell phone but looking for an instant messaging solution for when you are on the go? Well here it is, it supports AOL, Yahoo, and MSN, the three basics, if you need more than that, you probably wouldn’t find it on a cell phone either.

There is a miniSD card slot that you can store music on too, which in turn can be played through the integrated MyTunes media player, or you can stream them from the Internet. Obviously this beast connects via wifi, so speed should be good.


AOL passwords can’t count

If we needed another reason to persuade friends and family not to use AOL, here is is.  Apparently, while the sign-up page suggests account passwords can be up to sixteen characters (and security experts, like porn stars, would tell you that more is better), AOL actually only use the first eight characters. 



AOL Readies the new Netscape 9.0 Browser

I don’t know who still uses Netscape browser, the one time king of the browser world. If you are still a fanboy of Netscape browser, you will be happy to know AOL is putting up a new release very soon. According to BetaNews, the Netscape Browser 9.0 will be tightly integrated with community driven news site that resemble Chris Frike posted a teaser screenshot of a draft for the main toolbar in his blog.

Under the hood, Netscape Browser 9.0 is Firefox codebase with some extensions to accommodate its integration to The 9.0 is developed by AOL’s own development team unlike the previous version which was outsourced to Mercurial Communications.

AOL Preparing Netscape Browser 9.0 [via betanews]

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