TAG Heuer Rose Gold is the Connected Watch you can't afford

Smartwatches are already having a difficult time in the market. The last thing it needs is yet another model that no one will buy, not because it's bad but because barely anyone can afford it. Unfazed by that prospect, TAG Heuer has just made available a Solid Rose Gold version of its Connected Watch launched nearly a year ago. Perhaps banking on its prestige as a luxury brand, TAG Heuer had no qualms slapping on a nearly $10,000 price tag on this smartwatch.

TAG Heuer has an admittedly strange approach to smartwatches. Unlike other luxury brands and traditional watch makers, it almost feels as if its heart isn't in the game completely. It doesn't even see Apple and its Apple Watch as dangerous rivals and, in some way, is even grateful to it for proving that people will buy expensive smartwatches.

Instead, TAG Heuer actually sees smartwatches more as a stepping stone for smartwatch users, yes, even Apple Watch users, to be introduced to the world of purely mechanical, non-smart watches. TAG Heuer's idea is to help the younger, hip generation experience the heights of luxury accessories.

Of course, that generation probably won't easily be able to buy a $9,990 smartwatch like the TAG Heuer Connected Watch in Solid Rose Gold. Even if it looks so darn delicious. Especially not when there are other, equally premium-looking choices in the market.

Despite its classic appearance, the Connected Watch is, through and through, an Android Wear device. One small detail where it differs from other smartwatches is that it is powered by an Intel Atom processor. So this is really a case of buyers paying for the brand rather than the product itself. Then again, if you're buying a TAG Heuer, you probably know that already anyway.

VIA: Hodinkee