TactPuck concept lets users send ‘sensory messages’

Brittany A. Roston - Feb 11, 2015, 5:50 am CST
TactPuck concept lets users send ‘sensory messages’

You can pull out your phone right now and send someone a message regardless of where they’re at; the message can say whatever you want, but you’ll be limited to three means of communication: text, audio recordings, and emoticons. Tactonics envisions a future where sensory messages are a fourth option, allowing someone to send another person a sensation that expresses an emotion rather than text. It is more personal and intimate, and it would be delivered via the company’s concept TactPuck.

The TactPuck is a small puck-shaped Bluetooth device that works with the product’s related TactSpace app. Together, the puck communicates messages delivered from someone else through the apps to the user through physical sensations, including vibrations and temperatures, a concept that isn’t new but relatively uncommon.

One example of this would be an expression of love, which would be transmitted to the recipient via warmth and a heart beat sensation through the puck. A custom message can be sent, or a pre-defined one can be selected, and there’s mention of both light and scents possibly being included as part of the experience.

One does have to wonder how many variations of sensations one could reasonably deliver before they lose their meaning — while there are many ways to word something, it seems there would be less ways to shuttle them off as sensations. Still, the idea itself is an interesting one, and Tactonics is looking into creating a prototype.

SOURCE: Gizmag

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