T-Mobile winter storm update: Cities impacted and what to do

T-Mobile has shared an update on the network issues it has been experiencing for the past two or so days, revealing which cities are still impacted and what users can do during this time. The issues are primarily limited to various parts of Texas where unexpectedly severe winter weather has caused power outages and other problems.

According to T-Mobile, the winter storms experienced over the weekend and through Monday are the reason for its network issues. Some areas lost power as a result of ice weighing down powerlines — and as of Monday, multiple cities were still impacted, most of them in Texas.

T-Mobile says that it is experiencing network problems related to the storms in San Antonio, Austin, and Rio Grande Valley in Texas, plus unspecified 'parts' of Oregon. Workers can only restore service 'as safety conditions allow,' an issue made worse by current winter storm warnings and heavy snowfall.

If you're one of the people currently unable to connect to T-Mobile's network, the company recommends that you try to use WiFi calling on devices that support it — this assumes, of course, that you still have power and Internet at home. Otherwise, T-Mobile recommends sending texts instead of making calls.

Assuming you do have mobile network access, T-Mobile is asking that you avoid making calls unless necessary. This is due to increased congestion resulting from the network troubles. In the most recent update, T-Mobile noted that some parts of Austin are back online and that the city started 'seeing restoration progress' on Monday afternoon.