T-Mobile will give unlimited high-speed data in South Korea during Olympics

T-Mobile is giving its customers unlimited data in South Korea during the 2018 Winter Games, the carrier has announced. The unlimited data will be free and available anywhere within South Korea (only during the duration of the Games, mind), also being joined by free unlimited calls from the nation back home to the United States.

T-Mobile announced the new perk in a statement today, pointing out that its customers already get free texting in more than 140 countries, one of which happens to be South Korea. The perk will go live starting on February 7 and will remain running through March 20.

Subscribers won't have to do anything to 'activate' the perk; it'll just start automatically if you're a T-Mobile customer. There is one small "catch," though, and it's that you must be a postpaid subscriber; prepaid customers don't get this benefit.

The carrier didn't pass up the opportunity to use this as an educational moment, or rather as a chance to tell competitors' customers what they're missing out on. The Uncarrier points out that Verizon customers have to buy a TravelPass and are limited to 500MB of data each day, or otherwise pay roaming charges.

AT&T is similar, offering its customers an "International Day Pass," which is $10/day for those heading to South Korea. T-Mobile ONE remains an excellent option for frequent travelers, giving them free texting and data in more than 140 countries.

SOURCE: T-Mobile