T-Mobile To Switch From Throttling To Overages For 200MB Data Plans

T-Mobile may be one of the last carriers left still offering an unlimited data plan, but that could change very soon for at least customers on their lowest data plan offering. A leaked image of an internal document reveals that T-Mobile will be returning to overage charges on their 200MB unlimited data plan, which used to throttle speeds once customers went over the limit, essentially making them no longer unlimited.

According to the document, the 200MB data plan with its current set of features will be grandfathered on August 13. This means that current customers as well as new customers that sign up for the plan before then will still get data throttling when they use data beyond the 200MB limit. Those signing up on August 14 or later will be charged overages instead when they go over the limit.

The overage charge will be $0.10 for each MB exceeding the 200MB limit with a maximum overage charge of $30 on the Classic plan and $35 on the Value plan. T-Mobile will send out notices to customers once they've hit 180MB on the plan and will recommend them to switch to a higher plan or face overage charges. T-Mobile explains the decision as necessary to remain competitive and that the plan's popularity had exceeded their expectations.

[via TmoNews]